Jean Counet

Amsterdam based Jean Counet works both as still and documentary photographer and cinematographer on documentary and feature films. He has been educated both as film director and cinematographer. Jean graduated from Luca, School of Arts in Brussels in 2005. Counet strives for authenticity and simplicity in his images and uses isolation to provoke a dialogue with the imagination of the spectators. He rathers suggests in his work than illustrates. As still photographer Counet worked on theatrical released and awarded films like “A Strange Love Affair with Ego”, “Zaatari Djinn” and “If the Sun Explodes”. His photography for Dutch prime time documentary series "Debt Society (Schuldig)" dealing with all different faces of debt, has been published in all major Dutch news papers and journalistic platforms. His independant serie as documentary photographer “Traffic Jamming” got a special mention at “Life Framers” “A world of culture” competition.  Jean combines his visual working skills regularly for the most succesfull crowd funded journalistic platform in history “The Correspondent".

On you can check Jean's work as cinematographer and director.